Aside from being a music, pets and cooking blogger for over 10 years, I’ve also used that time to get to know my way around blogging software (WordPress) and social media outlets. I’m trying to get back in that business, so if you’re interested in learning more about what I do please visit my business site,[Whimsical Productions]

The following are the websites I run.

So if you’re looking for the music website, Collected Sounds please click Collected Soundsin the menu bar or here:[Collected Sounds]

Collected Sounds

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The blog I’ve been writing since 1998 is actually at another domain/url. I may import it over someday, but to be honest it wasn’t really my best ‘work’ so I think it may be best to start anew. All the cooking posts have been moved to [The Kitchen]. All the movie reviews have been imported over to this blog which I intend to post on occasionally about movies, books, and whatever else. Click on Happy Hour above or [here].





The newest addition to the group is a pet related blog and forum. It started out slow because i didn’t have a lot of time to pour into it, but it’s gaining readers nicely! You can find that by clicking PetsMN above or [here]. I’d love it if you visited and [joined the forum].


Healthy Living with Ellie


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